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One of the most confusing and sometimes treacherous parts of selling insurance is choosing which insurance FMO or IMO (Insurance Marketing Organization) an insurance agent should contract to sell through. Contracting with the wrong upline can not only make life difficult for the agent but could possibly set him up to lose his clients, the agents under him, or future commissions if he ever decides to part ways (or somehow gets on their bad side).

We here at Lead Heroes decided to create this guide and the IMO-FMO Directory for a number of reasons:
1- There are no standardized definitions of what constitutes an IMO, FMO, BGA, etc., in the insurance industry, so agents are often wondering, “What does FMO mean?” or “What is an FMO?”
2- By getting Insurance FMOs on the same page (literally), we’re hoping they’ll be spurred by the competition to provide more value and better benefits to agents.
3- By educating agents about the contracting process, we’re trying to equip agents with the knowledge to make smart decisions, so they don’t get taken advantage of.
4- We know agents have strong opinions, both good and bad, about their IMOs and FMOs. We wanted to give you an unbiased platform to rate your uplines and let other agents know who to contract with – and who to avoid.
5- Many IMOs, more now than ever, are either being bought out or merged with other insurance marketing organizations, in order to command higher commissions from insurance companies. We wanted to make it easier to understand and track an IMO’s history and affiliations.
If we had to choose a sixth and final reason, it would be the problem our book addresses, which is how to equip agents to serve 10,000+ baby boomers who are retiring every day. The contracting organizations you choose as an agent can make a huge difference in what you can offer your potential clients, and how well equipped you are to serve their needs.



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